Dr.Reena Rathi (Kalantri)

Adolescent Pediatrician

M.B.B.S.D.CH, P.G.D.A.P.

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Treatments Provided

• Difficult Parenting
• Puberty/growth disorders
• Obese/underweight teenager
• Immunization
• Stress Management
• Routine Health Check up
• Menstruation/Menstrual disorder
• Body image problem
• Gynaecomastia (breast development in boys)
• Adolescent Thyroid disorders and Hypertension
• Adolescent Anaemia
• Poor School performance
• Behavioral problem
• Adolescent mental health problem
• Adolescent Sexual problems
• Internet addiction/safety
• Life skills education

How can these services make a difference?

Better adjustment with peer group and family members. Learn to say No to peer pressure.

A teen can Walk in and discuss their problem without hesitation with a trained person and obtain a solution.
True Facts of Human Security.

Helps teen handle situations that they encounter in day to day life.

Comprehensive healthcare for adolescent so that they grow into healthy adults.

Feeling Angry Hurt or Sad?


Adolescence is the most fascinating and challenging phase of life. It is characterized by many physiological and psychological changes. It is also An age for experimentation, questioning, emotional high and lows, impulsivity and a tendency towards risk taking behaviors.
As a teenager, you may be dealing with lots of emotional high and low feeling a lot. More pressure these days. And you are still developing the skills you need to deal with. That you grow older you will develop the skill you need to manage stress. But for now, just remember you are in a though spot and need all support you can get. So when things get overwhelmingly difficult, take professional helps. Take an appointment with The specialists at our adolescent pediatric clinic for expert diagnosis and treatment.

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What Our Patients Says

  • “The support for my daughter was above and beyond what was expected.” - Vishal Sharma

  • "Adolescent Growth provided a stepping stone for him. It made a big difference.” - Amit Kulkarni

  • “He’s not the same kid he was forty-five days ago. I’m impressed.” - Shweta Shah

  • “I’m proof, and my daughter is proof that this program works.” - Rajiv Ahire